Acknowledgements and Disclaimers etc

This website is written for the benefit of my own students but, as I have placed it in the public domain, and it may therefore be accessed by other students, then I had better explain a few important points

I have obviously used many books and other resources and I will list them later but it is important to realise that any mistakes in the information given here are my own, loving crafted from my own misunderstanding, belonging entirely to me! Any such mistakes in no way reflect upon the accuracy, authority and integrity of the sources used

This website is designed to help with the IB HL and SL Computer Science courses but does not assume to represent the complete course and indeed, there maybe information in here irrelevant to the IB courses. This website is not endorsed, recognised or probably even known about by the IB organisation, it is independant, separate and should be treated as one of a number of possibly useful resources for teaching computer science

My own programming knowledge has come from books too numerous to mention but I have relied heavily one: SAMS Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours (2nd Ed). As a result of this the C++ programming course tends to follow the format laid down in this book. The SAMS book covers the C++ programming language in far more detail than I have done and with much greater clarity, my following their format (albeit inadvertently) does not imply anything negative about the SAMS books. Actually you would be well advised to buy the book for yourself! Details below:

SAMS Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours - 2nd Edition
Author: Jesse Liberty
Publisher: SAMS is a division of Macmillan Computer Publishing
ISBN: 0-672-31516-5

You use this website at your own risk!!!

@nti-copyright: The author of this site claims no copyright, it may be used in part or in whole on the condition that the original author is acknowledged and that this notice and the above disclaimers are included

Written by Paul Nicholls whilst working at BUPS/BIS