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Systems Approach and Switches


This short lesson covers two separate but connected short topics. A systems approach to electronics considers circuits in terms of sub-systems and how these are connected. A systems approach simplifies the initial design of an electronic system and is easier to discuss and explain. Projects always start with a system diagram and a systems approach is a good way to design none trivial electronic circuits. Switches are included in this lesson as they are relevant at this point.

Learning Objectives

Lesson Content

Reading: Read all the sections of the webpage about system diagrams. This is a very short and concise webpage. Make notes about the different inputs, processes and outputs.

Reading: Read about all the different types of switches. Make notes about the different switches and their functions. Pay attention to the section about pull-up and pull-down resistors.

Lesson Review

Review your learning by working through the presentations or notes which summarise the website content.

Presentation: Powerpoint download. System diagrams explained.

Notes: PDF download. The website text reformatted as notes.

Presentation: Powerpoint download. All the different switches described and their different functions explained.

Notes: PDF download. The website in the form of notes.

Self Assessment

Complete either the questions (pdf download) OR the on-line quiz. They are the same questions.

Questions: PDF download. Questions about system diagrams and switches.

Quiz: On-line quiz about system diagrams and switches.

Self Evaluation

I can: