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The resources here are divided into small chunks and are not specific to any particular electronics syllabus
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Basic Electricity (also useful for Physics students)

Current and Drift Velocity EMF, Potential Difference & Power

Basic Electronics

Resistor Colour Codes Switches and Buttons
Capacitors - Introduction  
Capacitors - What they do  

Analogue Circuits

Amplifier Basics - gain and bandwidth TBA 820M Audio amplifier
Operational Amplifiers - 741 Op-Amp LM386 Audio amplifier
Op-amp as a comparator LM380 Audio amplifier
Inverting Amplifier Voltage Regulator ICs
Non-Inverting Amplifier  
Summing Amplifier Uses of a Schmitt Trigger
Decibel Scale Analogue Signals

Digital Circuits

Introduction to logic circuits 555 Timer IC
4000 Series Logic Chips - Pin layouts Monostables
  4017 Counter


Simple Radio System HiFi Systems
Power Supplies  


GCSE Course outline How to write up your project (AQA GCSE Electronics)
Course content (AQA GCSE Electronics) How to write a course-work essay (AQA GCSE Electronics)
Electrical Safety Using a Multimeter
Building Protoboard Circuits (Properly) Circuit Board Layout


A very detailed 555 tutorial with lots of good ideas for circuits to make