Here is a collection of resources that students and teachers may find useful. The emphasis is on the use of these resources for teaching, which includes students self-studying the subject. Resources are added, updated or deleted each year as the syllabus changes. The resources were originally produced for use with my own classes.

All of the content is available in the hope that it may be useful. No responsibility for the correctness of the content is implied and it provided 'as is' for sharing.


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Technical Notes

This is a footnote about the site. The html code is very simple, written using an html editor and CSS is used to format all the pages - this approach allows me to use my programming skills from time to time. The computing site used frames. There are downloadable files, most of these are written in either Libre-Office or Open-Office and available as pdf documents. The presentations are PowerPoint. The video files are all .mp4.

www.electronicsteaching.com is an alias that points to the main website at wwww.pfnicholls.com which is why all the videos have pfnicholls.com at the start and end.

GDPR and Privacy

The website does not use Cookies to collect any form of information. No personal data is collected or stored in any way through any part of the website. So that covers any issues with GDPR.

I am grateful to the students who have helped with the development of various resources, even if they are not credited by name. Thank you to Harry who has been working on the pdf documents for his DoE.