Reviseomatic A simply massive site - start here

Edutek A comprehensive and varied website with lots of project ideas

555 Circuits A lot of 555 circuits to play with

Electronics 2000 Big turn of the century electronics project

Electronics Lab Some good project ideas

Electronics Teacher More tutorials etc

Electronics Tutorials Comprehensive basic electronics tutorials and revision for students and beginners

Hobby Projects Lots of projects and tutorials

Resistor Guide An utterly comprehensive guide to absolutely everything you would ever need to know about resistors, the resistor equation and much more

Car Electrics Basic circuit ideas with an emphasis on how circuits are used in cars. Recommended by Hannah.


W3Schools HTML and CSS Tutorials

Sitepoint On-Line Quiz Tutorial

On-line Resources

ScienceDemos On-line Logic gates simulator and Electronic circuit simulator

Logic.ly Logic circuit simulator

Academo Logic gate simulator and many other simulations

Yenka (Installed, not on-line) circuit simulation software

Exam Board

Eduqas GCSE Electronics exam board